Fork King Aircraft Nose Wheel Jack


A nose wheel jack for a light aircraft that has a 2-sided vertical fork and No wheel fairing.

Cessna 172-FK5

2 Models

Fork King 5 (FK5) for 5,00x 5 wheels

(measures 6" between fork legs)

Fork King 6 (FK6) for 6.00x6 wheels

(measures 7" between fork legs)

Finally, A jack for servicing nose tires and bearings on light aircraft, (Without wheel fairings).
Nosewheel maintenance can be performed by one person without a hoist or weights.
Jack places wheel nearly in position for installation (No holding wheel with one hand while reaching for hardware).
Flat tires can be replaced If the tire can hold air long enough to position the jack.
Lever slides aft providing a unobstructed work area.

SX300 FK5
Verified Model list

(note: this is not exclusive, it is only the models verified to date.)

  • Cessna 150

  • Cessna 152

  • Cessna 172

  • Cessna 177RG

  • Cessna 182

  • Cessna 310

  • Piper Archer TX

  • Piper PA-30

  • Diamond DA42

  • Swearingen SX300